A Cool and Smart Way to Choose your Domain

Did you know that you that instead of using “.com” as a domain extension, a cool and strategic way of registering your domain is by using “.io” instead? I wouldn’t use the word “new”, because this domain existence has been around since 1997!

It was originally used to refer to British Indian Ocean Territory. So what’s the benefit that you get from using this domain extension? Here are a few interesting facts:

  • .io is a great domain extension for start-ups, who can get memorable and easy names because .io is much more available than .com.


  • Your domain name will stand out in the crowd of other website names


  • If your website is tech-related, then .io is relevant as I/O stands for input/output in the tech world


  • You can come up with some great domain hacks like tobian.io mouch.io and so on.

So, the next time you are in a quandary when you aren’t able to find a suitable domain name under the usual .coms, etc., give .io a shot. You may come out a winner!